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Neve Zedek

Neve Zedek was established in 1887 when the Jewish residents of Jaffa felt overcrowded and decided to expand their presence outside the walls of this
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Zichron Ya’akov

As the Carmel Mountains arise from the coastal plain, just 35 kilometers south of Haifa, you will find the picturesque little town, or ‘Moshava ‘ known
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Tu B’Shvat

On Saturday, 26 January, 2013, we will be celebrating the Tu B’shvat holiday both in Israel and in the Diaspora. Tu B’shvat, or the 15th
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Established during the Roman presence in Palestine in 20 CE, and named after the Roman Emperor, Tiberius is a major hub of tourist activity in
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Aqaba, the Jordanian resort and port city, located at the northern terminus of the Red Sea, offers a large selection of activities for vacationers. This
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Aqaba II: A New Tourist Hub for Day Trips to Israel

Aqaba offers its visitors an enchanting blend of attractions and activities and what was once a sleepy little fishing village on the Red Sea has
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Mount Hermon – Not Just a Winter Wonderland

Mount Hermon is not just a single peak, but rather a cluster of mountains forming an irregular plateau with three separate summits, each of which
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Hamat Gader Spa Complex and Park

If you are looking for a unique, wintertime, spa experience in a majestic location, then look no further than the Hamat Gader Resort – Israel’s
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December Holidays in Israel

December is a holiday month for those who follow the Judeo-Christian tradition. This cross cultural holiday season is particularly auspicious in Israel since Chanukah and
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Touring Haifa

The Ministry of Tourism markets Haifa as a city with “so many possibilities” and this tourist haven in the North really does live up to
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Mamilla was one of the first “modern” neighborhoods developed outside of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem in the 19th century. After Israel’s independence
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Visiting Neighbors

“Regional Travel” has become a growing trend in the global tourism industry. There is a natural desire to expand horizons and explore new markets. However,
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Netanya, Israel’s pristine coastal community, lies just north of Tel Aviv on the Sharon coastal plain. Netanya’s primary tourist attraction would obviously be the superb
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Safed is the highest city in Israel, and many of its inhabitants, both past and present, have reached spiritual peaks as well. Visitors will be
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How FIT’s Are Helping to the Israeli Tour Operators Rebound

Israel is an amazing tourist destination filled with unique opportunities for experiencing a wide variety of activities ranging from the historical, archaeological, and the biblical
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Israel’s status as a haven for birding has been largely overlooked even though the country’s littoral and inland regions are considered to be one of
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The Great Northern Getaway

Seasoned travelers with an unquenchable thirst for out-of-the-way places and fine wines, should simply rent a car with a good GPS receiver, departing the central
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Passover, Easter and Travel to Egypt

The spring season is officially upon us after the Vernal Equinox just last week, and that means that the followers of the Judeo-Christian tradition are
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Tel Aviv Beach is Back

The bathing season is upon us, and Israel’s beaches will open up to the public over the Independence Day Holidays. Israel’s beaches are never really
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The Nature of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is not only one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations as reflected in all of the major polls and surveys, it also
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Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross tour is not just a hike through the charming alleys paved with ancient monolithic stones angling and curving through renowned
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Holy Land Hot Spots

Many travelers have asked us to describe to them the significance of the term “Holy Land Tour”. Some feel that this term is a synonym
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The Sun is Lighter in Israel

“There is nothing new under the sun.” This is what is said in Kohelet, the redacted book that forms an integral part of the Bible,
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New Fragrances Effusing From the Spice Route

Mizpe Ramon has long been neglected as a tourist destination even though the tourism sector is one of the primary sources of revenue generation and
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The Mahne Yehuda Market

Mahne Yehuda, or the Shuk (Market) is Jerusalem’s traditional outdoor bazaar. It could be likened to an American farmer’s market, but it is much much
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Top Ten Beaches in Israel: Beach-combing from The Acadia to the Banana Beach

Many of Israel’s tourist activities are sprinkled along the coastal plain. Sea lovers will find much to do along the sparkling sands that glisten bright
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Visit the 10 Roman Cities in Israel and Jordan

Doing the Decapolis Minus 2 and More in 6 Days. Travellers can now pair an Israel and Jordan tour with a focus on visits to
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Is Israel Safe for Travelers?

Safe travel has always played a major role in a traveler's decision to visit a given country. There are many factors, both general and personal,
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10 Cool Things To Do During Israel’s Winter

Israel’s amazing weather is one of this country’s major advantage for travelers, especially during the winter months. The plethora of varied climate zones within a
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Top Ten Indoor Activities in Israel When it Rains

Israel’s mild climate is a major draw for tourists, and this enchanting destination is blessed with excellent weather year round. However, during the winter months,
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nativity scene with hand-colored figures made out of wood

The Jesus Connection: The Influence of Angels on the Birth and Early Childhood of Christ

Since Jesus was born in the Holy Land and spent most of his life in Israel, we are offering our readers a brief, three-part overview
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Belltower of greek orthodox monastery of Saint George of Hozeva, which lies in a great ravine between Jerusalem and Jericho (Israel)

The Silent Years

After Jesus’ premier performance at the tender age of 12 in the temple courtyard, mesmerizing the learned and the Sadducees who were nonplussed by his
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Jesus’ Brief Ministry and Final Demise

As the Passover holiday approaches, it is only fitting that we provide you with the final instalment in our three-part series dealing with the life
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Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport Voted Safest in the World

At a time when security concerns increasingly play a major role in the decision to travel to a given destination, Israel’s primary airport, Ben Gurion,
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Israel: Not a Low-Cost Destination

For millennia, travelers have endured a plethora of hardships in order to travel to the Holy Land. The Jews themselves spent 40 years wandering in
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Can Travel Really Make You Healthy?

People have always been fond of travel and found that this activity rejuvenates the soul and creates great pleasure in most cases, albeit oftentimes couched
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Like any other modern industrialized country underpinned by an ethos of artistic freedom, Israel boasts a modicum of fringe outlets, street performances, as well as
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This year’s holiday season boasts an interesting coincidental twist since in 2016, Channukah commences on Christmas Eve. The first night (Jewish holidays begin at sunset)
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Seasonal Secrets: What is Your Next Destination?

Turbulence has caused many travelers to shy away from Middle Eastern destinations. However, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt still remain as viable and sustainable places to
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New Landing in the Land of Israel

  Israel is about to open its newest airport near the Southern city of Eilat. The new Eilat Ramon Airport is slated to open in
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Why Israel?

    It’s time to take a vacation. None of the standard packages catch your eye. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy an amazing trip abroad
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3 Birding Sights, 3 Countries, in 1 Tour

    After more than three decades of serving countless satisfied customers, Mazada Tours confidently uses the branding tagline: the Middle East Experts. Our experienced
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