The colder months are upon us, and while many choose to hide away in layers of sweaters at home, there are some things in Tel Aviv that are just better in the winter. Tel Aviv’s sweltering summers may be too much for some, but visitors can rejoice in knowing that the winter in Tel Aviv can be just as fun. Here are 8 cool things to do this winter in Tel Aviv:

1. Take a Surf Lesson

The Mediterranean isn’t know for it’s big waves like many other bodies of water. In the summer, the sea is calm with some pleasant waves. However, during the winter, they get bigger, enticing droves of Israeli surfers to strap on their wet suits and hit the waves. The winter in Tel Aviv is the best time to catch some waves, and if you’re new to surfing, there are plenty of lessons available to wannabe surfers of all ages.

2. Enjoy the Stormy Weather

winter in tel aviv

It’s a fact that some people just prefer the smell of rain to the feeling of sun on their faces (I know, we don’t understand it either). Winter in Tel Aviv can be quite wet, with regular rain, wind, and storms. While this forces most people indoors, wandering around the boardwalk can bring some beautiful sights of crashing waves and thick clouds. Make sure to bring a cover for your camera so it doesn’t get too wet!

3. Watch a Stunning Sunset

winter in tel aviv

Every Tel Avivian knows that the winter sunsets are far superior to the summer ones. When the storm clouds settle down and the rain clears, the sun sets and brings with it bright colors that are hard to miss from anywhere in the city. The beach is a popular place to watch the sun go down, but we recommend finding a spot closer to Old Jaffa. The sight of the setting sun and colorful sky behind the old Clock Tower of Jaffa is like a painting and is worth seeing if you’re here for the winter in Tel Aviv.

Want to get out of Tel Aviv? Here are 10 cool things to do around Israel during the winter.

4. Grab Some Seasonal Fruits in the Carmel Market

winter in tel aviv

Regardless of the season, Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market is always bustling. Most of the produce in Israel is local and not imported, which means we have the freshest fruits to choose from on a daily basis. However, you have to enjoy them while you can because the produce available in Israel really depends on the season! During the winter months, the local citrus fruits are king. Make sure to pick up some juicy oranges, grapefruits, clementines, and pomelos to snack on during the day.

5. Watch the Wind and Kite Surfers

winter in tel aviv

Unless you’re experienced, we don’t suggest taking up this hobby on your trip to Tel Aviv. However, on a windy day you’ll notice tons of people out on the boardwalk watching the brave wind and kite surfers fly over the surface of the water. On any windy day during the winter in Tel Aviv, you can look up and notice the different colored parachutes dotting the sky.

6. Warm Up With a Cup of Sachlav

winter in tel aviv

If you’re wandering around the city and looking to duck in to a coffee shop to warm up from the cold winter in Tel Aviv, be sure to ask for a sachlav. Sachlav is a Middle Eastern drink that hits the spot more than any hot chocolate can. Its base is made up of warm milk thickened with ground sahlab orchid bulbs. The base is typically scented with vanilla, orange, or rose water, and then sprinkled with cinnamon, dried fruit, or nuts. It’s the perfect thick drink to warm up with on a cold winter day.

What else should you eat on your trip to Israel? Find out our suggestions for the dishes you just can’t miss out on!

7. Visit Some of Tel Aviv’s Museums

winter in tel aviv

Tel Aviv has some great museums to visit on a rainy afternoon. Pop into the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to enjoy both local and international artists. The permanent collection includes Picasso, Klimt, Dali, and more. The Museum of the Jewish People is also a great museum with displays about the history of the Jewish diaspora over thousands of years. The smaller Bauhaus Museum is also worth checking out for those interested in Tel Aviv’s unique architecture.

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8. Go for a Pampering Spa Day

winter in israel
Image from Sheva Spa.

Lastly, you deserve a day to relax and unwind. The winter in Tel Aviv can be dark and tiring. However, you can easily lift your spirits by enjoying a pampering spa day overlooking the stunning Mediterranean sea. Our personal favorites are the Sheva Spa at the Hilton Tel Aviv hotel, and The Setai Hotel Spa in Jaffa. Whichever spa day you choose, you definitely won’t be disappointed that you spent your day rejuvenating indoors and away from the rain and wind!

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below how you’d spend your day during the winter in Tel Aviv!

While we say goodbye to 2018 and the record-breaking amount of tourism it brought to the Holy Land, we look forward to another incredible year before us. 2019 is exciting for so many reasons: new luxury hotels, international concerts, and festivals that are bigger and better than ever before. If you’ve been constantly planning & putting off your trip to Israel, an Israel tour in 2019 is a fantastic idea, and here are 19 reasons why:

1 – Eurovision

israel tour in 2019_eurovision_netta

Last year’s Eurovision got the whole nation together for two reasons: to rally behind winner Netta Barzilay, and to collectively get excited to host the world’s biggest song contest in 2019. Expect appearances from the infamous Dana International and other previous Eurovision winners. Additionally, it is rumoured that the event will be hosted by none-other than the stunning Israeli supermodel, Bar Rafaeli. Be sure to book your accommodation way ahead of time, since many people are planning their Israel tour in 2019 around this event!

2 – Jon Bon Jovi concert

Another huge musical event taking place in July 2019, is Jon Bon Jovi’s return to Tel Aviv. The rock legend will be playing in Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv. As always, it’s expected to be a great show. His 2015 show saw 50,000 audience members singing along to “Livin’ on a Prayer.” We’re sure the 2019 show will be even bigger!

3 – Elections

While not quite a tourist attraction, the Israeli elections were called earlier than scheduled and will now be held in April of 2019. Anyone with an interest in Middle-Eastern politics will surely keep a close eye on the campaigning and lead-up to election day. There’s never a dull moment when it comes to Israeli politics!

4 – Slash Concert

Israel always gets a few big acts that pass through each summer, and 2019 is no exception. If Eurovision and Bon Jovi weren’t enough to keep you satisfied, you also have the chance to see Slash in concert in July 2019. The legendary frontman of Guns N’ Roses will be playing with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators in Tel Aviv. Get your tickets in advance!

5 – Virgin Atlantic Flights

Since Israeli Shai Weiss became the CEO of Virgin Atlantic, he’s been trying to compete for popular routes to Tel Aviv. Lookout for new Virgin Atlantic flights between London and Tel Aviv starting this year. In May, Virgin hopes to fly in 200 fans from London to Tel Aviv to enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest!

6 – Even More Tourism

2018 was a record-breaking year for tourism to Israel. Before that, 2017 was a record-breaking yea for Israeli tourism. (Notice a pattern here?) There’s no doubt that with new airlines coming in, beautiful new hotels, and Eurovision, there will be a huge influx of tourists visiting the Holy Land. With all the excitement, accommodation and entertainment are sure to get booked up quickly, so if you’re planning an Israel tour in 2019, get a move on and contact us so we can help you plan before it’s too late!

7 – Pride Parade

israel tour in 2019_pride parade

Tel Aviv Pride is a yearly event that sees thousands of tourists coming each June to celebrate love and the LGBTQ community. Tel Aviv’s parade is known internationally as being one of the best. Last year, there were over 250,000 parade attendees! In 2019, the parade is expected to be even bigger, so if you’re planning your Israel tour in 2019 for June, be sure to pack some rainbow-colored clothes and join in on the fun!

8 – The Dead Sea

Fodor’s listed The Dead Sea as one of the top 50 places to visit in 2019, and we can see why. They describe it “like nowhere else on earth. This shimmering saltwater lake appears in the distance like a mirage in the desert. It’s somehow both otherworldly and right in the middle of it all, surrounded by Israel, Palestine, and Jordan in the heart of the Middle East. It’s undeniably special here and the kind of place that you’re not likely to forget.” Need more reasons to visit The Dead Sea during your Israel tour in 2019? Check out our list of cool facts you didn’t know about The Dead Sea.

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9 – Midburn

Another yearly even that happens in the Negev desert is Midburn. The event is modelled after Burning Man, which takes place in the deserts of Nevada. The Israel version features tons of incredible art installations, different types of wellness events, parties, and show-stopping costumes. Many people fly in from outside Israel just to attend this unforgettable week in the desert.

10 – Michael Jackson Tribute

Another one of the great concerts happening in 2019 in Israel. The Michael Jackson tribute concert will be touring around the country in February, so you can be sure to catch it during your Israel tour in 2019. The “I Am King” performance will include a Live Orchestra, broadway dancers, and classic hits in 20 shows around the country

11- Eilat Ramon Airport

In addition to the new Ovda Airport 60km north of Eilat, a new airport, Eilat Ramon, is set to open in 2019. The new airport will replaced Eilat’s current Eilat J. Hozman Airport. The opening of Ovda Airport saw tons of new low-cost international airlines flying directly into Israel’s south. We’re sure to see more exciting routes when the new airport opens in 2019!

12- Crusader Wall Tour in Caesarea

A new tourist attraction will open in 2019 in the ancient Roman city of Caesarea. Tourists will now be able to walk on the ancient walls with the new Crusader Wall Promenade. This is part of a project to increase tourism to the city. Caesarea has always been a magical place to visit with it’s 2,000 year-old history and archeology, this is sure to be an exciting addition!

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13- Eilat Jazz Fest

The Red Sea Jazz Festival takes place in February, and features both local Israeli acts and international artists. Definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in live Jazz music!

14 – Six Senses Shaharut Hotel Resort

israel tour in 2019_six sense shaharut
Six Senses Shaharut photo courtesy of Six Senses

A luxurious hotel resort by the Six Senses chain is slated to open in 2019. The hotel will be in Israel’s Negev desert in the Arava Valley. It will include 58 suites and villas with private pools, and a private high-end spa for guests. The hotel is focused on sustainability and wellness. It will also include a Camel ranch and an open amphitheater, and Bedouin-style tents for an authentic Middle-Eastern experience.

15 – Jerusalem Marathon

Run 5k, 10k, a half-marathon, or the full 42.2KM in the annual Jerusalem Marathon! (We also won’t blame you if you just want to stand on the sidelines and cheer). Due to its hilly terrain, the Jerusalem Marathon is known to be a tough one. Runners from around the world come to participate in this challenging event. Is 2019 your year?

16 – Tel Aviv White Night

Tel Aviv’s annual White Night falls at the end of June. It typically includes a night of fun live musical shows, art installations, street parties, food stands, and more. The event is popular with locals and internationals, and has fun events for the whole family.

17 – Christmas in Bethlehem

If you didn’t get to spend your 2018 Christmas holiday in the Holy Land, then let’s help you get here for 2019. There’s no better way to spend Christmas in the Holy Land than visiting Bethlehem for an unforgettable midnight mass. See what else you can do for Christmas in Israel here!

18 – Purim

Another annual holiday and event that takes place around the country is Purim. Typically, children dress up, bake triangular shaped cookies, and enjoy a fun day to celebrate this holiday. However, leave it to Tel Aviv to turn this children’s day into a massive party! Every year, thousands of people get decked out in incredible DIY costumes and attend any of the hundreds of street parties and events happening around the city. Jerusalem is also known for having huge Purim events. Iff you’re here for an Israel tour in 2019 in the month of March, be sure not to miss out!

19 – White City Center

Known for it’s unique Bahaus architecture, Tel Aviv is known as the White City due to all the white buildings that dot the Mediterranean Sea. A new center, set to open in a historic building in 2019, will preserve this historic architecture and tell its story. It will also be a place for events, and it will offer tours related to the beautiful architecture.

As you can see, there are no shortage of things going in in Israel this upcoming year. Contact us today to help you plan your Israel tour in 2019!

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If you find yourself visiting during the month of December, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate Christmas in Israel. Despite the fact that the majority of the country is Jewish, there are still very unique ways in which you can celebrate the holiday. In fact, the Christmas you spend in the Holy Land might become your most memorable Christmas of all! Take a look at all the amazing events happening around the country, and feel free to reach out to us if you need help planning your own special Christmas tour in Israel.

Christmas in Israel_chrismas in jerusalemChristmas in Jerusalem

Israel’s capital city is magical year round. However, tourists agree that during the holiday season, there’s just an extra spark that makes visiting there even more special. Here are some things to see while you’re celebrating Christmas in Jerusalem:

  • Wander around the Christian Quarter of the Old City and visit the iconic Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where you can enjoy a beautiful midnight mass.
  • The Jerusalem YMCA usually puts on Christmas events, such as a youth choir concert which will be happening this year on December 24th.
  • Stroll down the Via Dolorosa, where visitors reenact Jesus Christ’s famous route with a cross on his back. To make this even more special, experience it with hundreds of others on Christmas Eve.
  • Also at the YMCA between December 15-18, you’ll find an exciting Christmas market with something fun for everyone. Children can enjoy clowns and visit Santa Claus, and there are live shows, music, Christmas lights, and food and drink stalls for the whole family.

Christmas in Israel_Christmas in tel aviv and jaffaChristmas in Tel Aviv & Jaffa

Chances are you’ll find yourself spending some time in Israel’s most metropolitan city when you visit. Though Tel Aviv doesn’t have as much Christmas cheer as many other cities, it’s still possible to get into the holiday spirit while you’re here.

  • Go for a stroll in Old Jaffa. On your way, admire the gigantic Christmas tree by the clocktower that is gorgeously lit up.
  • Also in Jaffa, you’ll find a winter market on December 22nd and 23rd. You can enjoy some warm winter treats, an exciting fair, and even an ice-skating rink! Bring your whole family for what’s sure to be a fun day.
  • While you’re wandering around Jaffa admiring the sparkling lights around you, you can also find Christmas events happening at different churches in the area. Check out the Franciscan St. Peter’s Church, Immanuel Letheran Church, or the Armenian St. Nicholas Monastary, all of which are opened for visitors.

Christmas in Israel_christmas in NazarethChristmas in Nazareth

If you’re spending your Christmas in Israel, visiting Nazareth is a no-brainer. As the birthplace of Jesus Christ, Nazareth is a fantastic place to get into the holiday spirit.

  • The city will officially light its Christmas tree on December 17th.
  • Visit the Christmas fair & market, where everyone can enjoy different stalls of food, drinks, and crafts. The fair takes place between December 17th-22nd.
  • Nazareth’s annual Christmas parade will be held on December 23rd and begins at 3:30pm. It’s advised to go early so you can get a good spot!
  • All the churches in Nazareth will have a Christmas mass. The most popular one is at the Basilica of the Annunciation, and it begins at 7:00pm. There will also be a festive mass at 10:00pm.

Christmas in Israel_christmas in bethlehemChristmas in Bethlehem

Christmas in Israel isn’t complete with a visit to Bethlehem on Christmas Eve. This city is known for it’s incredible and spiritual celebration, which is attended by many people every year.

  • Wander around Bethlehem, where you’ll find Churches with many different holiday events going on. Admire the stunning lights and decorations around the city, and nativity scenes adorning the streets of Bethlehem.
  • The most popular Christmas event in Bethlehem is the midnight mass on December 24th. Thousands of people, Christians and Muslims alike, gather at Manger Square for this special day. Many people attend and it can be difficult to get into the Church of the Nativity, so it is best to leave it to the professionals to organize. Contact us to plan your visit to Bethlehem on Christmas Eve.

Christmas in Haifa

It’s also possible to celebrate Christmas in Israel in the north of the country. Jews, Muslims, and Christians living together in harmony in this unique city. If you’re in Haifa for Christmas, there are a number of interesting things to do:

  • There are events happening nightly on the streets of Haifa, where you can enjoy a lit up Christmas tree, arts & crafts displays, and live music. The area around the German Colony is particularly known for its Christmas decorations and events.
  • The yearly Holiday of Holidays festival celebrates the holidays of the three major religions found in the city: Hanukkah, Christmas, and Eid-al-Adha. For an especially unique way to celebrate the holiday this year, head to Haifa and learn about different cultures and traditions. The event runs between December 6th-22nd.
  • The Stella Maris Monastery hosts a Christmas mass as well as a Christmas morning mass. Visitors can also go here to enjoy singing Christmas carols.

Wherever you may be for the holidays this year, whether you are spending Christmas in Israel, at home, or somewhere else, all of us at Mazada Tours wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! If you need help on making your holiday tour in Israel even more special, contact us today and let us help you plan a perfect Christmas.

How to get rid of the autumn’s grey weather and feeling? Come to Israel and ask us! This year the country hosts some nice music festivals from around the world, giving you an impression of having travelled the globe! So, music fans, attention, here come the ultimate events in the second part of November:

We start our guide with the RAGGA Festival, held on 16th of November in Arava desert and featuring pure Jamaican vibe. With a desert dance into the night, the festival gives a unique opportunity to sleep in tents under the open celestial sky.


Another big event uniting two nightlife cities, Tel Aviv and Istanbul, will take place on 19th of November at the infamous Barby in Tel Aviv. This year, the Soundports Festival will also open his harbour for the finest music from Marseille and a hot female duo Brigitte combining a pop, retro-folk lounge and cabaret with an authentic hippie production.

As if this wouldn’t be enough, Tel Aviv offers another series of musical performances about the most fascinating cities in the world – Mexico, New York, Buenos Aires, Dubrovnik, Rome and Moscow. You can attend this event starting 21st of November at the Museum of Art and enjoy audiovisual shows with the best hits, songs and folklore.



For the third time, the Jerusalem Jazz Festival will be held in the late November, the 29th through the 1st of December at The Israel Museum. International, as well as local jazz artists, will fill the galleries with spectacular performances. In the same time, the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival will take place at the Museum of Art – and unite the Eternal City with its younger, dynamic sister.

Need help to combine a visit to both cities? Take a look at our City Break tours which we can adjust exactly to your needs!

The autumn officially arrived in Israel and the beach season is over… But no reason to become sad because there’s still plenty of things to do (as always)! With comfortable temperatures and still sunny days, no way you can stay at home with the warm blanket, join us at the November activities!

What can be more beautiful than Halloween in the Holy Land? (Just the Christmas, but psst, that’s in December). For our fellow Christian friends, the church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Dormition Abbey and Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem hold a special mass for All Hallows Eve on 1st of November. For all secular people – Tel Aviv is your city with parties all over starting the 30th of November.


Since the temperatures are more bearable, why not to run in style and for a good cause? The NATAL race for life in color raises the awareness of the transparent injury such as nightmares, flashbacks, introversion, nervousness etc. caused by war and terror, and funds for the treatment of liberated civilians and combatants who become a victim on 2nd of November in HaYarkon park.

Or if you’re more of a night jogger, you will have the unique opportunity to join the Tel Aviv Night Run kicking off the Rabin Square on 13th of November. The race fits every age over 14 but requires a note from your doctor. Good news – you can get a running kit for free!

Rather athletically challenged? Well, we have activities for you, too. How does the Print Screen Festival sound to you? Taking place on 31st of October in Holon, a city close to Tel Aviv, this festival features art shows, premieres of the stage and music shows, movies, performance art, video, computer games, workshops, a market, lectures and conferences with artists and researchers from all over the world.

Fans of the virtual reality will find their joy on 5th of November at AWE Tel Aviv, the world’s largest rugged and virtual reality expo. Either for business or just for fun, this conference is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss.

Same applies to the TechnoArt Live at Tel Avivian Museum of Art on 15th of November.  This event brings together global entertainment rock stars with local talent, innovative artists, emerging technology companies, industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors, creators and more.

And to top this beautiful list of November activities, we offer you a unique experience of a movie screening in the desert, the Arava Film Festival, taking place from 8th till 17th of November. Imagine – the best films from the world’s most prestigious festivals and an open, starry sky.

To make your experience in Israel even more unforgettable, combine any of these activities with our services – we promise you won’t get bored 😉

Can’t get enough from our previous post? Didn’t manage to attend all the events? Don’t be upset, the second half of October offers new exciting activities all over Israel which you too can participate in!

Anination 2018

If you loved Frozen, Moana, Minions, and the rest of the animated films that captured audience hearts, you will love Anination, the International Animation Festival. The four-day festival will be held in Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem, and will, of course, feature animated films from Israel and from around the world. But that’s not all—the festival will also feature workshops for burgeoning artists and animators, lectures by leaders in the field, and art exhibitions. The Anination festival will be held from the 24th ‘til the 27th of October.

Spirit Festival 2018

If you’re not into animated films, but want still want to see some incredible heartwarming movies, head to the Spirit Film Festival. As the name suggests, this festival shows short- and feature-length films, as well as documentaries, that reflect the spirit of humanity and life on Earth. This festival, which is from October 25 ‘til the 27th, will also have workshops, talks, and lectures where participants will trade insights not only on film but also how to reach a higher state of living.

Piano Festival

Perhaps a visual medium isn’t your thing, and you prefer a sonic experience. Head to a concert that is part of the week-long Piano Festival, which starts on October 20th. With over 40 shows on the calendar, you have plenty of chances to hear some of Israel’s finest classical music.

Wine on Canvas

Art and movies can be fun, but what makes the experience more exciting is a couple of drinks. The Wine on Canvas event features a live-painting performance by Solomon Souza, with the added bonus of unlimited wine at the bar.

No matter what your interest, there is plenty to do this October. Mazada Tours can help you book and organize the experience of your dreams in Israel. With our insider knowledge, you can be sure that you’ll have a unique experience that features much more than the basic historical sites.

After the peaceful, quiet time of the Jewish holidays, life in Israel starts to bustle again. The temperatures become milder but still remain warm, ushering in one of the best times of a year. It’s a great time to do something for your soul and visit some of the cultural events, which are offered all over the country. Here are some of the most unique events.

On the first weekend of October, there is a beautiful jazz festival in Yaffo, which is hosting 13 jazz musicians from all over the world plus 43 Israeli jazz players from October 4th until the 6th at Nissan Nativ Acting Studio (Noam 5, Tel-Aviv Yaffo). The highlight of the festival is the extraordinary fusion of jazz with pop music.

For those who are more spiritual, check out the Pantam Festival at the “Suzanne Dallal Centre” in Tel Aviv. The festival will include master classes, musical gatherings, workshops, and PanJam Sessions. Many more exciting activities will take place on October 5th and 6th, inspired by the Pantam, the unique musical instrument. The lovers of these drums may acquire new instruments at the special exhibition and fair of ethnic musical instruments.

Opera fans, attention! For the first time in Israel, the masterpiece of Philip Glass “La Belle et la BÊTE” will be staged at the Tel Avivian Opera House on October, 11th and 12th. The piece will be performed screening the Jean Cocteau’s film (1946) in the background, with the dialogues of the actors sung by an ensemble of singers.

For those who want to bring a unique souvenir from the Holy Land back home, the Israel Abou Beith offers an exciting workshop of Hebrew letter calligraphy from October 12th until October 19th. The workshop requires 2 sessions minimum and is open to all.

Last, but not least, we are happy to announce you the OFFF Festival, held this year at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, on 14th and 15th of October. Born 17 years ago in Barcelona, Spain, this festival is focused on creativity and innovation worldwide. OFFF is “a series of conferences, workshops, performances, and activities, but most of all it is a meeting point for collaborators and cultural commotion, where creators and emerging talents join to get inspired and share new interests,” as the organizer advertises.

Mazada Tours is the first point of contact, no matter which cultural event you choose. We offer as creative and inimitable services as any of above-mentioned activities. For the best cultural experience contact us.

The entire month of September is marked by the highest Jewish Holidays such as Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Yom Kippur is one of the holiest days and the most solemn day of the year focusing on repentance, atonement and forgiveness.

Although it sounds a little depressing, spending Yom Kippur in Israel is a surreal, unforgettable experience that offers a lot more than just an opportunity to sit around and reflect on all the bad things you did the past year. We reveal the ultimate activities to survive the holidays in Israel.

First, don’t forget that September is still hot in Israel and perfectly fits for a relaxation day on the beach. Which beach it shall be – on the Mediterranean coast, the Dead or the Red Sea – we can arrange a transfer to any of them.

Since there will be no traffic on Yom Kippur itself, this day invites to walk or bike around the city or even on the empty highways, enjoying the calmness and quietness of the usually bustling city. Just don’t forget to rent your bike in advance 😉


And also all the restaurants and shops will be closed – except Yaffo, where the majority of the population is Muslim and does not observe the holiday. It will certainly be less busy than usual, but you’ll be able to find some shops, restaurants and grocery stores open and people out and about as on any other day.

If you’ve missed the shofar blowing on Rosh Hashanah, this is the time to go to Jerusalem and have this once-in-a-life experience! Or escape with us for two days to the famous Petra in Jordan – we promise, this experience will be no less unforgettable.

You’ll barely notice how this day will pass and few days later begins an entire week of celebration: Sukkot.

Sukkot is the Harvest Festival when people commemorate the time when the Jews lived 40 years in the desert in the huts (sukkah). Therefore, the sukkot will be seen all around, in the gardens, balconies and even rooftops. Though the biggest one will be built in Jerusalem on the Safra Square.

This time is also perfect to visit the holy city of Safed and surroundings. A big sukkah will be built on the top of the municipality allowing to sit and eat overviewing the gorgeous mountains. Or just go on a hike in the stunning nature of the North.

You may also want to attend the annual Tamar Festival in the South near the Dead Sea – the perfect introduction to some of Israel’s finest bands. And it’s not only about the music, with a planned 9km moonlit hike (5km for the less adventurous) and other great attractions to keep you and your family entertained.

Whatever activity you choose, Mazada Tours offers the best support in all matters, just reach out to us.

If you can’t wait for the cozy feeling of Christmas holidays and the festive cheers of the New Year’s Eve, you don’t have to wait– come to Israel! Jewish New Year, called Rosh HaShanah, is celebrated in September, complete with holiday warmth and the gathering of friends and family. Here is a list of the nicest activities to participate in over the New Year’s holiday.

One of the traditions of Rosh HaShanah is to eat apples dipped in honey, which symbolizes a wish for a sweet new year. You can, of course, buy the apples at the supermarket or the bazaar (shuk), but it’s much nicer to pick them fresh from a kibbutz. You can enjoy them right off the tree, or if you prefer, in form of an apple-honey cake. If you don’t like the taste of apples so much, you can still participate by making a cool apple-printed festive tablecloth.


You can also buy fresh honey from the local farmers (contact us and our experienced culinary guide will bring you to the most authentic farms). Did you know that honey can have different tastes depending on the type of the nectar from the flowers? Try to test as many as possible of them! You can also dip other things than apples – bananas or challah for example, so the combinations are endless.

Speaking of challah (the traditional Shabbat and holiday bread) – the one of Rosh HaShanah is special because it’s round instead of the normal braided shape to symbolize that the year is cycling around to the beginning. If you don’t want to buy a ready one and don’t know how to do it yourself – talk to us 😉

Another great, but almost forgotten activity is sending the New Year’s cards to family and friends. Especially if your family is living far away, don’t miss this opportunity to send them a postcard from the Holy Land with an apple-print – they’re going to love the personalized touch of your homemade cards.

One more thing you shouldn’t definitely miss on your Jewish New Year – the sound of shofar, the ram’s horn, blown at the Western Wall which announces the new year and reminds people to repent for their sins. It’s a powerful and exciting experience that you’ll never forget.

Reach out to us and we will create an unforgettable holiday for you and your beloved:

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Rosh HaShanah tova u’metuka!

(Have a good and sweet New Year!)

Have you spent your Valentine’s Day alone? Here is your second chance! In the hot country of Israel feelings are boiling and so are the events dedicated to the Jewish holiday of Love, Tu B’Av.

If you would like to know, how the technologies affect our love life, then Dizzyfrishdon is definitely a place for you to be. Dr. Shir Etgar is going to hold a lecture about the “Love in the days of technology” on July 16th at 7 pm.


Should you already have found your love, so bring him or her over to a hot swing at Studio Naim on July 19th at 4 pm. Good music by international DJ’s, energetic line-up and a lot of fun are guaranteed!

In case you’re still looking for the one, why not to search at the “Eye Contact Tel Aviv”, the social experiment to reconnect with other humans of Tel Aviv through an eye gaze. Maybe you will find some love in the eyes of your counterpart at Habima Square on July 21st at 2 pm.

A good idea for both who just met and who are dating for a long time – a comedy special “Find me a wife” by David Kilimnick which is taking place at Jerusalem’s Off the Wall Comedy Theater on July 26th at 8 pm.

The Tu B’Av culminates on July 27th with a century’s longest lunar eclipse which can be seen the best from Makhtesh Ramon, a crater in the Negev Desert. Unfortunately, the eclipse ends before the moon rises in America and Canada, so don’t miss it out! Contact us and we will arrange the best date of your life (also suits a proposal 😉).