The company’s vast resources and compounded professional experience and local expertise place us at the forefront of tourism innovation for the Mideast region.

Tour & Travel Operation in Israel

Mazada Tours’ mission represents many decades of professionalism in tourism thanks to a rich and colorful family history and experience. We have very strong partnerships and work in close cooperation with all of the hotels in Israel.

For example, we can accommodate a given customer’s request and needs by simply knowing a room number and floor level at a certain hotel.

Moreover, we have a vast collection of programs where virtually any kind of itinerary can be designed that will satisfy your customers. Over the years, our company has provided different types of services to various types of clients: pilgrimage tours, wedding tours, bar mitzvah tours, Jewish heritage tours, business and incentive tours, and more.

We have dealt with major corporate clients like HP’s C.E.O. as well as other major corporate leaders, government delegations (US Embassy staff, as well as other political personages), Eco Tours, VIP services for celebrities (Madonna and her entourage, Sean Paul, and his staff, and more).

With our long list of major celebrity clients and international VIP’s, you can rest assured that you will also receive the highest quality services and products whether it is the right tour guide, the best hotels and all services that will perfectly match the requests of your customers.

Mazada Tours Tourism Services in Israel

•Regular Daily Tours

•Regular Weekly F.I.T. Tours

•Private Tours


•Tailor Made Tours

•Bar Mitzvah Tours

•Wedding and Event Tours

•Helicopter Tours

•Business Delegations

•V.I.P. Services at Ben Gurion Airport

•Tailor Made Group Tours

•”Holy Land” Tours

•Jeep Tours & Desert Safari Excursions

•Domestic Flights

•Hotel Accommodations

•Incentive Tours and Seminars