Trips and tours to Egypt have been valued from time immemorial. Western travelers in search of adventure and leisure trips have perceived Egypt as a source of travel enjoyment. The Republic of Egypt has been known as the cradle of civilization for centuries. The regularity and magnificence of the annual Nile River flood, coupled with semi-isolation provided by deserts to the east and west, allowed for the development of one of the world’s great civilizations, and in turn, a great vacation place for tourists.

The nomadic desert tribes first evolved into a unified kingdom around 3200 B.C.E., and a series of dynasties ruled in Egypt for the next three millennia. This dynastic rule came to a close in 341 B.C.E. when the native Persians were replaced by a series of other occupiers: the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines. Ethnic Arabs established Islam as the primary religion in this foreign country and the Arabic language began to be widely spoken around the 7th century.

The erstwhile Mamluks took control of the country around 1250 and continued to remain in control after the conquest of Egypt by the Ottoman Turks in 1517. The Suez Canal was completed in 1869, and Egypt evolved into an important world transportation hub for commerce and shipping transport. However, the country also fell heavily into debt, and The UK seized control of Egypt’s government in 1882. In 1955, Egypt acquired full sovereignty with the overthrow of the British-backed monarchy.

The Aswan High Dam, constructed in 1971, and the resultant Lake Nasser, have enhanced the time-honored place of the Nile River in the agriculture and ecology of Egypt. Egypt’s growing population has required economic reform and massive investment in infrastructure.

Egyptian opposition groups, inspired by events in Tunisia, organized countless demonstrations reaching a crescendo in January 2011 with the “Police Day”. Within a very short period following the onset of protests, President Mubarak addressed the nation pledging the formation of a new government, but this failed to stay the escalation and clashes with police and military, and he was forced to step down. Elections for a new parliament were scheduled for November 2011.

Despite the recent instability and unrest, the ancient land of the pharaohs has evolved into a safe and secure tourist destination replete with abundant attractions for the aspiring adventurer as well as the conventional tourist. Some travelers visit Egypt in order to make an educational tour, studying ancient archaeological sites or searching for long lost treasures hidden in the hieroglyphics not unlike the Hollywood icon, Indiana Jones.

If you are in search of a romantic desert trek or an exciting jeep tour, or just plain travel in a warm climate and comfortable environment, countless opportunities for rest and relaxation, stress free excursions, or just sitting on a sunny beach, sunbathing with mai tai in hand, then Egypt should be your next travel destination.

Geographically, Egypt is a major destination for the Mediterranean tourist. These travelers, hailing from all countries around the world, are pleased to spend their winter or summer vacation in a tourist area that is located in Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, and situated between Libya and the Gaza Strip, and the Red Sea just north of Sudan, that includes the Asian Sinai Peninsula.

Egypt also served as a major source of artistic and scientific inspiration throughout history. Egypt’s capital, Cairo, with a population of over ten million, is the natural place to begin. It is replete with tourist attractions such as the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, and much more. Alexandria, the second most important city in Egypt, has its fair share of historical significance as well and is conveniently located on the Mediterranean Sea – an ideal spot for your holiday vacation.

Southern Egypt has many impressive temples and grave sites from the times of the pharaohs. Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel should all be on your waypoint list. Whether you are looking for a desert adventure, a beach getaway, or a lesson in ancient history, in Egypt you will find a destination that meets all of your multifarious travel needs. Egypt travel should include a combination of all the leading tourist attractions in the Republic of Egypt

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