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Israel: a land of promise, prosperity and mischief. You will find a chromatic mosaic of hybrids here: history, religion, ancient and modern culture, archaeology, fine cuisine and A list entertainment.
Put Israel at the top of your waypoint list.

Israel Tours

Israel is the spiritual home to millions of people from all over the world. This tiny country, roughly the size of the state of New Jersey, has a population of about 8 million. Approximately 80 percent of the population is culturally Jewish, and this rich mosaic culture is composed of immigrants as well as second, third and even fourth generation Israeli natives known as Sabras, from more than 100 countries covering 5 different continents. This makes a trip to Israel a must for seasoned tourists interested in experiencing a true multi-cultural vacation.

This cultural mélange has lead to a rich diversity of all sectors of society. From the vast culinary range of its restaurants, bistros, and cafes to the field of performing and plastic arts, Israel has become a major trendsetter for innovations in many of the sectors of contemporary lifestyle activities. As a result of this multifarious mixture of interesting and cutting-edge activities indigenous to the modern State of Israel, travelers from all walks of life can find a virtual cornucopia of fascinating activities at this Mideast destination.

Like many of the Middle-Eastern countries in the region, the modern State of Israel was born in the aftermath of World War II. It arose from the ashes and aftermath of the Holocaust like the mythological phoenix on a quest for rebirth and renewal. It has sustained many challenges over its brief history, but Israel has remained as a preferred travel destination for international travelers.

In 1948, after the cessation of hostilities between Allied and Axis forces, the British withdrew their mandate rule of Palestine and the UN partitioned the area into Arab and Jewish states. The Arabs immediately rejected this partition plan, and at once declared war on the newly-formed Jewish state. The fledgling Jewish State of Israel, with virtually no organized army, ammunition or military material, managed to overcome its Arab aggressors in the War of Independence.

Subsequently, the Israelis have defeated their Arab enemies in a series of wars and conflicts but unfortunately, the deep tensions between the various entities remain firmly intact. These tensions have been especially acute between the Israelis and the Palestinians who have failed to reach a comprehensive peace agreement. However, in recent years, the conflicts have been limited to low-intensity warfare, and this has lead to a kind of unspoken, laissez-faire, the situation where both sides live side by side in a kind of de facto peace, albeit a fragile and intense one. Luxury travelers, as well as budget tourists, are enjoying this state of affairs, and excellent discount travel deals are abundant in the marketplace.

As each seasoned vacationer most probably knows, Israel is located in Southwest Asia nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the arid deserts of the Middle East. The country’s geographical borders are the Mediterranean Sea to the West, the Jordan Valley Rift to the East, the mountains of Lebanon to the North and the Bay of Eilat marking the country’s southernmost point at the Taba-Eilat Border.

Even though Israel’s natural intrinsic territory is relatively small, the climate and types of landscape reflect an abundant biodiversity which has attracted foreign visitors for centuries, and although Israel is evolving into one of the most populous countries in the world, the population density does not inhibit the promulgation of plants and wildlife, as well as many other natural attractions. Israel has approximately 2,500 different varieties of plants and flora, many of which are indigenous and unique to the country. The majority of this plant life can be found along the Mediterranean coastline, where temperature and rainfall are more conducive to the vegetation.

Israel’s geographical regions can be divided into three primary regions longitudinally: the coastal plain (the most densely populated region of the Jewish country), the Golan Heights and other mountainous regions, along with the Jordan Valley Rift. The varied topography coupled with the diverse climate has shaped contrasts in Israel’s nature, soil, flora and fauna. Within Israel’s borders, ardent travelers will discover the unique geographical feature known as the Dead Sea – the lowest point on the tourist globe. Israel’s peculiar geographic location, along with its dynamic history has facilitated vast contrasts not only in its natural façade, but in the lifestyles of its colorful inhabitants along with their beliefs, traditions, religions and modus operandi.

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The Israel climate is, in the main, temperate in some regions while remaining arid and desert-like in others. The summer months are the hottest, especially July and August when summer vacation in Israel thrives. During the autumn and winter months, temperatures are very comfortable with little rainfall disturbing vacationers traveling or trekking. Visitors the Israel day tours should dress according to the seasons, but should also pack a bathing suit for swimming in the Mediterranean or taking a quick dip in the Dead Sea, or snorkeling in the Red Sea.

There is no other country in the world that holds so much meaning for so many people living outside of its borders. The three great monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all trace their roots to this small, thin slice of land nestled between the desert and the sea. Known as the “Promised Land” for the Jewish people, it was Abraham from Mesopotamia, who was chosen to be the father of two great nations in Israel, both the Jewish nation and the Arab nations. Centuries of struggle and triumph related to conquest, economic factors and spirituality have ultimately created a cultural identity for a people with unyielding ties to the land.

Every Israel excursion, short Israel tours, or long and detailed voyage to the Holy Land will impress you with striking contrasts. Along the modern highways, you will find the latest model vehicles juxtaposed to camel caravans that plod leisurely along led by a thin, emaciated donkey, and its turbaned driver. The Land of Israel day trip is indeed the true crossroads and meeting place for the Orient and the Occident, East and West, new and old, religious and secular, modern and antique, and these vibrant contrasts offer almost limitless enjoyment for tourists and vacationers traveling in Israel.

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Mazada Tours’ mission represents many decades of professionalism in tourism thanks to a rich and colorful family history and experience. We have very strong partnerships and work in close cooperation with all of the hotels in Israel.

For example, we can accommodate a given customer’s request and needs by simply knowing a room number and floor level at a certain hotel.

Moreover, we have a vast collection of programs where virtually any kind of itinerary can be designed that will satisfy your customers. Over the years, our company has provided different types of services to various types of clients: pilgrimage tours, wedding Israel tours, bar mitzvah tours, Jewish heritage tours, business and incentive tours, and more.

We have dealt with major corporate clients like HP’s C.E.O. as well as other major corporate leaders, government delegations (US Embassy staff, as well as other political personages), Eco Tours, VIP services for celebrities (Madonna and her entourage, Sean Paul, and his staff, and more).

With our long list of major celebrity clients and international VIP’s, you can rest assured that you will also receive the highest quality services and products whether it is the right Israel tours guide, the best hotels and all services that will perfectly match the requests of your customers.

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