Fly over the nature of Israel and connect to it in one of the finest Spa resorts


Helicopter Tour To The Château Golan Winery, Golan Heights

Pick up from Your Hotel and Transfer to Sde dov or Herzelia Airport:

Turn east along the “Kings Route” all the way to the Sea of Galilee. Fly over the lake and climb all the way up to the Golan Heights, where you will hear an explanation of the Syrian-Israeli conflict. Land next to one of the finest wine wineries Israel – Château Golan.

Enjoy a good meal accompanied by fine wines of the Château.

On your way back to Tel Aviv, look at the beautiful land of Israel with its diverse scenery, colors and nature.

The tour begins and ends at Herzlia Airfield; other sites may be available on request.

Duration of flight: 1 Hour and 30 minutes, Break and meal included!

Helicopter models available: Bell 407, Twin Star, Bell 206 Long, Bell 206.

– In accordance with the security regulations in Israel, each guest/tourist intending to fly, must provide the Operations Department of the Company, full name as it appears in the passport or Israel ID Card, date of birth, and passport or Israel ID number.

-In all the tailor made tours, at least one intermediate stop is included, walking round a popular site and lunch.

– The flights are operated with 3 types of helicopter with 4-6 seats.

– Night flights can be booked but can only take off and land in the Sde Dov Airport or Ben Gurion Airport.

Helicopter Tour To The Château Golan Winery