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From its ancient origins as an early Nabataean empire, the modern day Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has evolved into a vibrant nation that enjoys peace, stability and rapid economic growth. Although Jordan is a small country with a modicum of natural resources, it has played a pivotal role in many of the power struggles that have plagued the Middle East. Jordan’s regional preeminence results, in the main, from its strategic position as a nexus for what the monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam call the Holy Land, Israel. Jordan, along with Egypt, is a peace partner with Israel.

Jordan’s geography is composed primarily of arid desert land, and this is mostly desert plateau in the east, as well as highland area in the west. There is a Great Rift Valley that separates the east and west banks of the Jordan River. The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan also includes a strategic port location at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba and is the Arab country that shares the longest border with Israel and the occupied West Bank.

Jordan’s population in July 2011 was approximately 6.5 million, and the ethnic and religious spectrum looks like this: Sunni Muslim 92% (official), Christian 6% (majority Greek Orthodox, but some Greek and Roman Catholics, Syrian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, and Protestant denominations), other 2% (several small Shia Muslim and Druze populations) (2001 est.) Source: CIA Factbook

King Hussein, O.B.M., ruled for nearly half a century and died in 1999. In the aftermath of his death, Jordan found itself struggling for economic and social stability as well as regional peace. Instability and war in Iraq and the subsequent influx of refugees has had a somewhat destabilizing effect on Jordan, but these refugees seem to have found their place in neighboring countries or in Jordanian society and have not had an adverse effect on the country’s tourism industry. King Hussein’s chosen heir Abdullah II faces the challenge of maintaining stability and implementing reforms in a milieu of strong calls for change in the aftermath of the “Arab Spring” revolutions in the region. Although Abdullah II has a so called “National Agenda” which calls for long term political, social and economic reform, this noble plan has yet to be implemented.

Tourism is Jordan’s lifeblood and Petra, Jordan’s signature destination, was carved from the red rock over two thousand years ago, and serves as one of the country’s most visited tourist destinations in this desert kingdom. Some Biblical scholars have even gone so far as to posit the notion that Petra was the historical site where Moses struck the rock for water during the Exodus.

Although Jordan is a small country with natural resources limited to phosphates and agricultural produce, it has a very strong tourism sector. However, travel adventure beckons from many other enchanting locations in this Middle Eastern paradise. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a land of mesmerizing beauty and contrasts. From the fertile Jordan Valley to the remote desert canyons, visitors can explore desert castles, the wilderness of Wadi Rum, or bathe in the restful waters of the Red Sea or the Dead Sea where tourists will find some 26 kilometers of coastline.

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Mazada Tours Operation In Jordan

In 1992, prior to the signing of the peace treaty between Jordan and Israel, Mazada Tours began to enter into a joint venture with a Jordanian tour operator through an Egyptian intermediary.

Through this Egyptian intermediary, Mazada Tours began providing tourism services to Jordan for international travelers from all over the world.

This end-around modus operandi remained in place until the normalization of the relations between Israel and Jordan.

After the Jordan-Israel peace agreement in 1994, Mazada Tours became the number one tourism wholesaler providing tours and tourist services to Jordan.

This success was the natural derivative of establishing commercial ties with Jordan prior to the implementation of the peace treaty between the countries.

When the borders opened, the company already had a firm handhold on the market and its potential for successful tourism ventures. Mazada Tours still maintains its original Jordanian firm that was established decades ago, and we are the “go to” tourism firm for almost all of the foreign embassies in Israel (United States, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Argentina and more). No one can match our reputation for quality and service regarding organized tours to Jordan.

Jordan Organized Tours from Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

The Extended Tour to Jordan from Israel (4 days)

On this trip, you will cover all of the Jordan major tourist destinations

Classic Tour of Jordan, Depart from Israel (3 Days)

Our Classic Tour to Jordan & Visit Jerash, Petra, Amman, Madaba & Mount Nebo

The Short Tour of Jordan (Petra) from Israel (2 Days)

Visit Jordan for 2 days and get the amazing experience of Jerash & Petra

Jordan Organized Tours from Eilat

Short Eco Tour to Jordan From Eilat (2 days)

Visit Jordan's Finest Outdoor Attractions. Departure from Eilat - 2 Days of Amazing Sightseeing with Unforgettable Views of Wadi Rum

One Day Tour To Petra From Eilat

Visit the one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Petra on one day from Eilat. TOUR DEPARTURE DATES: English

Private Tours in Jordan

Full day Private Tour to Petra from Aqaba

Choose Our Prestigious, VIP Visit to Petra. This Private Tour is Designed for the Discerning Traveler. Departures from Aqaba.  TOUR

Half day Private Tour to The Wadi Rum Nature Reserve

Private Half day tour to The Wadi Rum Nature Reserve Departures from Aqaba Hotels  TOUR DEPARTURE DATES: Daily DEPARTURE TIME:

Half day Private Tour to Jerash from Amman

Private, Half-Day Tour to This Pinnacle of Roman Archaeology in Jordan: Jerash  TOUR DEPARTURE DATES: Daily DEPARTURE TIME: 09:00 RETURN

Transfer Service in Jordan

Transfer from Amman to Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem

Private Transfer from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv to Amman Airport/City  or From Amman Airport/City to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem DURATION

Transfer from Aqaba Airport to Aqaba Hotels

Private Transfer from Aqaba Airport to Aqaba Hotels or From Aqaba Hotels to Aqaba Airport DURATION OF TRIP 00:20Hours PRODUCT

Transfer from Arava Border Crossing to Petra Hotels

Private Transfer from the Arava Border Crossing to Petra Hotels or From Petra Hotels to the Arava Border Crossing DURATION

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