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3 Birding Sights, 3 Countries, in 1 Tour

    After more than three decades of serving countless satisfied customers, Mazada Tours confidently uses the branding tagline: the Middle East Experts. Our experienced
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Seasonal Secrets: What is Your Next Destination?

Turbulence has caused many travelers to shy away from Middle Eastern destinations. However, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt still remain as viable and sustainable places to
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This year’s holiday season boasts an interesting coincidental twist since in 2016, Channukah commences on Christmas Eve. The first night (Jewish holidays begin at sunset)
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Can Travel Really Make You Healthy?

People have always been fond of travel and found that this activity rejuvenates the soul and creates great pleasure in most cases, albeit oftentimes couched
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Visit the 10 Roman Cities in Israel and Jordan

Doing the Decapolis Minus 2 and More in 6 Days. Travellers can now pair an Israel and Jordan tour with a focus on visits to
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Visiting Neighbors

“Regional Travel” has become a growing trend in the global tourism industry. There is a natural desire to expand horizons and explore new markets. However,
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Aqaba II: A New Tourist Hub for Day Trips to Israel

Aqaba offers its visitors an enchanting blend of attractions and activities and what was once a sleepy little fishing village on the Red Sea has
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Aqaba, the Jordanian resort and port city, located at the northern terminus of the Red Sea, offers a large selection of activities for vacationers. This
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